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About Us

The Federal State Public Enterprise Nikiforov’s All-Russian Center for Emergency and Radiation Medicine of the Emergencies Ministry of Russia (the Nikiforov’s NRCERM) is a multi-field diagnostic and treatment, research and development and educational institution.

The NRCERM fulfills following tasks:

- Rendering of multi-field specialized high-tech medicine aid to treat different ailments, including to the people that were affected by radiation accident, man-caused emergencies and natural disasters;

- Fundamental and applied scientific researches in the field of radiation medicine, radiobiology, occupational pathology. Introduction of new technologies in medicine;

- Educational activities in the field of post graduate and further vocational education (post-graduate courses, residency, professional development);

- Registration, accounting and dynamic case monitoring of the patients affected by the accident and natural disasters;

- Organizing of expert work, including one to determine the causation of the illness by the aftermath of accidents and disasters;

- Cooperation with domestic, foreign and international medical institutions.

Main clinical subdivisions of the NRCERM:

- Clinic No.1 (specialized, Therapeutics Department)

4/2 Akademika Lebedeva, Saint Petersburg, Russia

- Clinic No.2 (multifield, advanced medical technologies)

54 Optikov Street, Saint Petersburg, Russia

The NRCERM provides medical assistance:

Multi-field full-time hospital for 450 people (250 in surgery department; 80 – therapy department, 50 – clinical rehabilitation department, 40 - resuscitation department, 30 toxic and radiology and onco-hematology department).


e-mail: oomp12@mail.ru


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