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Visa support

What types of Russian visas are there? 


Purpose of visit: target tourism

The period of validity: up to 30 days For those who visit Russia for tourism purposes on a specialized tour for health check-ups or medical consultations


Purpose of visit: medical tretment

The period of validity: up to 90 days For those who visit Russia for medical treatment, health check-ups, medical advice with official invitation obtained from a health facility (except target tourism for the purpose of treatment and critical care).


Purpose of visit: sapecial cases

The period of validity: up to 90 days For those who travel to Russia for emergency medical treatment or to visit a sick relative.

Help with processing documents for entering Russia

Getting an official invitation

Once you get an approval for treatment, the health facility should obtain an official invitation and submit your documents to the Federal Migration Service of Russia in order to register your migration.

Applying through travel agrencies or travel assistance companies

In case you need additional help with applying for a Russian visa, you can contact travel agencies or travel assistance companies.

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